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General Resources


Earth and Space Science for Middle School Teachers - Geology and Earth Science Current Events, Maps, Articles, Careers, Satellite Images -

Massachusetts Maps and Geology -

Office of the Massachusetts State Geologist -


Geology Resources

Rocks and Minerals Rock Identification Table (simpler) -

The Life Cycle of a Mineral Deposit: A Teacher's Guide for Hands-On Mineral Education Activities -

Maine Bedrock Geology Field Locations -

Minerology Database: Mineral Collecting Locations -

Rock Identification Key (and lots more) -

Earth Structure


Map of Ring of Fire -

Map of World Plates -

Pangaea map projection to fit on a globe -

Plate Tectonics Lessons: -

Plate Tectonics: Moving Middle School Science -

Earth Processes

Earthquake Teaching and Learning Activities -

Erosion Lesson Plans: -

Savage Earth Earthquake Animation -

Tracing Earthquakes: Building a Seismometer -

Tracking Earthquakes Around the World -

Volcano Web Sites: -


Mapping Resources

Learning to Use a Map and Compass

Finding Your Way With Map and Compass -

Map and Compass Complete Curriculum Queensland Australia -

Orienteering For The Young -



Bedrock and Surface Geology of Norfolk and Suffolk Counties, MA -

Cartological Map Projections Site -

Geological Investigations in Massachusetts:  Thematic Maps from USGS -

Geologic Map of Massachusetts -

Maine Bedrock Geology Field Locations -

Massachusetts GIS Bedrock Lithology Map -

New Hampshire State Geologic Map -

Map Projections -

Map Projections: Butterfly Map -

Map Projections: Interrupted Maps -

Map Projection:  Polyhedral Maps -

Pangaea map projection to fit on a globe -

Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection of UTexas Austin -

State Geologic Maps from USGS -

World  Maps, Flags and Geography Facts -

World Map Mercator Projection -


Earthquake Hazards and Engineering Resources

Earthquake Hazards and Mapping

48 States Earthquake Probabilistic Map -

ABAG Earthquake Maps and Information -

Big Trouble in Earthquake Country -

Brookline GIS department -

Earthquake Science Explained:  A Series of Ten Short Articles for Students,Teachers and Families -

Exploratorium Faultline: Simple Activities -

Getting Ready for the Big One: Earthquake Preparedness -

Massachusetts Earthquake Information from USGS -

Northeastern University Seismic Recording Station -

Protecting Your Family From Earthquakes: The Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety -

Shake Rattle and Sink:  Liquefaction Lab -

Soil and Water Relationships -

Soil Texture -

Subsurface Water -

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program -

Why Does the Earth Quake in New England? -


Engineering Projects and Activities

Build an Earthquake City -

Building Big Educator’s Guide -

Constructing Earthquake Proof Buildings -

The Day the Earth Shook -

Discovery School Earthquake Simulator -

Earthquake Model: USGS -

Earthquake Shaking Building Contest -

Killer Quake -

Shake Table Dollhouse -

Shakes and Quakes -


Field Trips!

Maine Bedrock Geology Field Locations -

Minerology Database: Mineral Collecting Locations -

Plainville Quarry -

West Roxbury Crushed Stone Quarry -